High Performance Geogrids

for Soil Reinforcement


Products as tough as the people using them.

When your core customer base comes from the construction, mining and military industries, you’ve got to make hard-wearing products that are as tough as the people using them. For Synteen Technical Fabrics, it’s no problem.

Based in Lancaster, South Carolina, Synteen is the authority for intelligently developed, American-manufactured uni- and biaxial geogrids and high strength polyester fabrics, which have successfully supported the missions of customers like the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, the United States Forest Service and the Federal Highway Administration. 

Synteen also boasts more flexibility than competing manufacturers to more quickly and efficiently modify products, per changing consumer needs. Case in point, Synteen started making 17’ geogrid and fabric widths while competitors only offer 12’ widths. Customized products are also available so clients get exactly what they need—at the lowest available cost.

For products that are truly strong enough to get the job done,
Synteen is your one-stop source.


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1950 W Meeting St,
Lancaster, SC 29720


Main Office: 800-796-8336
FAX: 803-416-8344